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CNC pipe threading lathe, oil field & hollow spindle lathe QK1327-1363 series

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QK1327 and QK1363 series machine tools are horizontal flat bed CNC hollow spindle lathes with semi closed loop control. Two linkage control axes, Z-axis and X-axis use ball screw pairs and AC servo motors to achieve longitudinal and lateral movement, with good positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy.

This machine tool is designed and manufactured for thread processing of all kinds of pipes in petroleum, chemical and metallurgical industries. It can turn all kinds of internal and external threads (metric, inch and taper pipe threads) accurately through the automatic control of CNC system. This machine tool can also process rotary parts as a normal conventional lathe. For example, rough and finish machining of internal and external cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, circular surfaces, and medium and small batches of shaft and disk parts. It has the characteristics of high automation, simple programming and high machining accuracy.

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*Big spindle bore and double chuck allows clamp and process big diameter pipes.
*Integral machine bed adopts high strength iron casting to realize high rigidity and precision.
*Ultrasonic frequecncy quenched guide ways are hard enough for good wear-resistance.
*Equipped with taper guide bar device, this enables the machine to process taper threads.


This series CNC pipe threading lathe is mainly used for processing the internal and external pipe threads, including metric, inch, DP and taper threads, as well as having all the common functions of normal CNC lathe such as processing the inner bore, end face of shafts and discs, this series is widely used in industries including petroleum exploiting, minerals mining, chemical piping and geological prospecting, for processing and repairing drilling pipe, drilling rod, thread coupling and son on. 


Standard accessories: SIEMENS CNC contoller, electrical turret, automatic lubrication, coolant pump, semi-shield.
Optional accessies:FANUC or other CNC controller, quick change tool post, hydraulic turret or power turret, pneumatic chuck, huydraulic tailstock, pneumatic position limiter, tool setting arm, full-shield.

  specification unit QK1327 QK1332 QK1338
capacity Swing over bed mm 1000 1000 1000
Swing over cross slide mm 610 610 610
Distance between centers mm 1500/3000 1500/3000 1500/3000
Pipe threading range mm 130-270 190-320 190-380
Spindle Guide way width mm 755 755 755
Max. load capacity T 6 6 6
Spindle bore mm 280 330 390
Spindle speed steps   VF, 4 steps VF, 3 steps VF, 3 steps
Spindle speed range rpm 10-320 10-280 8-205
Chuck mm Φ800/manual 4- jaw chuck Φ780/electrical 4- jaw chuck Φ850/electrical 4- jaw chuck
Turret Turret/ tool post   Electrical 4 position
Tool shank size mm 40X40 40X40 40X40
Feed X axis travel mm 520 520 520
Z axis travel mm 1250/2750 1250/2750 1250/2750
X axis rapid travel mm/min 4000 4000 4000
Z axis rapid travel mm/min 4000 4000 4000
Tailstock Tailstock quill diameter mm Φ160 Φ160 Φ160
Tailstock quill taper / MT6 MT6 MT6
Tailstock quill travel mm 300 300 300
motor Mian spindle motor KW 22 22 22
Coolant pump motor KW 0.125/0.37 0.125/0.37 0.125/0.37
Dimension Width x height mm 2050x2050 2080x2080 2220x2120
length mm 4950/6450 5000/6500 5000/6500
weight Net weight T 10.5/12.2 11.5/12.5 12.0/13.0
Note: machine bed length can customize according to real work demand, extra long bed heavy duty lathe can customize simplified CNC pipe threading lathe without prtective cover. 

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