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CNC Deep Hole Pull Boring Machine Has Passed User’ s Inspection

At present, another CNC deep hole pull boring machine TLSK2220x6000mm produced by our company has been accepted by customers and delivered to customers for use, The photo shows the customer is testing run the machine in our company.

Deep hole pull boring machine is especially suitable for the processing of long pipes with small holes. In the process of boring, the boring bar bears tension and is not easy to deform and vibrate, so the deviation of the processed hole is small and the wall thickness is relatively uniform.

The machine tool is a special deep hole pull boring machine designed for machining the inner hole of high nickel chromium alloy cast pipe.

During machining, the workpiece is fixed, the cutting tool rotates and feeds, and the cutting coolant enters the cutting area through the oil pressure head to cool and lubricate the cutting area and take away the metal chips.

CNC Deep Hole Pull Boring1
CNC Deep Hole Pull Boring2

Machining accuracy:
When pull boring: hole diameter accuracy is IT8-10. Surface roughness (related to cutting tools): Ra3.2.

Machining efficiency of machine tool:
Spindle speed is determined according to the cutting tool structure and workpiece material, generally is 50-500r / min.

Feed speed: determined according to the processing conditions, generally is 40-200mm / min.

The maximum machining allowance during boring is determined according to the cutting tool structure, material and workpiece conditions, which is generally is not greater than 14mm (diameter) for Chinese cutting tools, for example, When this user came to our factory to check and test processing the machine, the original ID of the test part before processing is 92mm, and final ID after processing is 102mm, length is 3600mm, it cost 51 minutes for processing it.

So far, the output of deep hole pull boring machines produced by our company has exceeded 200 sets, the domestic market share has reached more than 70%, and the technical level has reached the international level.

CNC Deep Hole Pull Boring5
CNC Deep Hole Pull Boring4
CNC Deep Hole Pull Boring3

Post time: Sep-05-2022