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Six Axis CNC Tube Sheet Gun Drill Installed In Indonesia

A TK2620 six axis CNC deep hole drilling and boring machine developed by our company was delivered to Indonesian customer a few days ago. The picture shows the workers' installation and commissioning on site. The machine is a special machine with high efficiency, high precision and high automation. It can adopt gun drill drilling, BTA drilling and boring, so as to further improve the machining accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece. The machine has six servo coordinate axes, which can drill row holes or coordinate holes. It can drill through holes at one time or turn around 180 degrees to drill again. It has both single acting performance and cyclic performance. 

Six Axis CNC Tube Sheet Gun3
Six Axis CNC Tube Sheet Gun2
Six Axis CNC Tube Sheet Gun1

Therefore, its skills meet the requirements of small batch production and processing, and can also meet the requirements of large batch production and processing. The machine tool is composed of the machine body, T-slot worktable, CNC rotary worktable, W-axis servo feed system, column, travel head with gun drill and that with BTA drilling rod, sliding table, gun drill and BTA feed system, gun drill guide supporter and BTA oil pressure head, vibration damper steady of drilling rod, cooling system, hydraulic system, electrical control system, automatic metal chip conveyer and all closed protection guard cover, etc. The drilling diameter range of gun drill is 5-30mm, the maximum gun drilling depth is 2200mm, the drilling diameter range of BTA is 25-80mm, the boring diameter range of BTA is 40-200mm, and the maximum processing depth is 3100mm, the Max. diameter of the workpiece to be processed can reach 400mm, the Max. loading weight of workpiece of T slot is 6000kg, and that of rotary worktable is 3000kg. the size of T slot worktable is 2500mmx1250mm and that of rotary worktable is 800mmx800mm.

The Indonesian customer uses this machine to process tube sheets of heat exchangers. 

Six Axis CNC Tube Sheet Gun4
Six Axis CNC Tube Sheet Gun5
Six Axis CNC Tube Sheet Gun6
Six Axis CNC Tube Sheet Gun7

Post time: Jun-03-2019