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TMK2280 Deep Hole Cylinder Boring And Honing Compound Machine

Short Description:

The machine is a kind of high efficiency, high precision, high automation deep hole boring and honing compound equipment. It is used for boring and honing cylindrical workpiece.

In the process of machining, the workpiece rotates and the cutting tool does not rotate.

The cutting oil for boring and honing is different. The machine tool is equipped with two sets of oil supply system and oil tank. When the two processing methods are converted, they need to be switched to their respective oil circuits.

Boring and honing share the same cutting tool tube.

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Function Description

2.1 Boring
By means of push boring, the cutting oil enters the inner hole of the tool tube from the end of it, and then reaches the cutting edge.
One end of the workpiece is supported by a manual four jaw chuck, the other end is supported by a steady rest, and the middle of the workpiece is supported by a support jack.
The chip removal device is placed at the left and right ends of the workpiece to send the chip into the chip receiving tank, and the cutting oil directly returns to the boring oil tank.
The ball screw installed on the bed is used to drive the cutting tool to move in Z direction.
When boring, the feeding saddle and the vibration damper steady move on the casting guide way.

2.2 Honing
vibration damper steady of boring move to the rightmost end of the machine, loosen the boring tube by these vibration damper steady and fix the boring tube on the larger vibration damper steady, now the boring tube become honing tube and larger vibration damper steady become the feeding saddle of honing; install the vibration damper steady of honing tube on the machine; install the hydraulic expansion and contraction device of honing head on the left end of the honing tube, and then install the honing head. The connection of the honing head is universal connection.
Remove the chip box on the oil tank, and put the honing recycle oil tank directly under the chip removal device, so that the honing oil can be sent to the honing oil tank through the pump on the recycle oil tank for recycling.
In honing, the servo motor drives the rack and pinion mechanism to realize the movement of feeding saddle of honing on the linear guide way.


Technical parameter

Boring/honing diameter range Φ100~Φ800mm
Max. Machining depth 4000mm
Workpiece length range 1000mm-4000mm
Center height (from flat guide way to spindle center 700mm
Width of casting guide way 800mm
Clamping diameter range of steady rest Φ500~Φ1000mm
Main motor of headstock 45KW (servo spindle motor)
Spindle speed of headstock 12~300r/min (manual 3 gears, spepless speed between gears)
Taper hole of front end of spindle 140#
Feed speed range of feeding saddle of boring 5~1000mm/min (stepless speed)
Rapid travel speed of feeding saddle of boring 2500mm/min
Feed speed range of feeding saddle of honing 5000mm~8000mm/min (stepless speed)
Rapid travel speed of feeding saddle of honing 15000mm-20000mm/min
Servo motor of driving feed of boring tool 7.5KW
Servo motor of driving feed of honing tool 5.5KW
Motor of cooling pump 5.5 kw ×3 groups
Rated pressure of cooling system 0.5MPa
Flow of cooling system 200, 500, 800L/min
Volume of oil tank 5000L
Size of machine (LxW) 16m×3.5m
Weight of machine Approx. 28 tons
Max. Workpiece loading weight 12 tons
General power of machine(approximate) 80KW
Four jaw chuck φ1000

Machning Accuracy

Aperture accuracy IT8-9
Surface roughness: Ra3.2μm

Aperture accuracy IT7-8
Surface roughness:Ra0.8-1.6μm
Cylindricity:0.09mm/total length
Roundness:0.05mm/total length

Standard Accessories

One set of steady rest, two sets of support jacks, two sets of vibration damper steadys, one set of 1000mm four jaw chuck, one set of boring coolant system and one set of honing coolant system.

Optional Accessories

Cutting tools: boring head, honing head, boring/honing tube and relative bushes, cutting oil and trepanning function.

Note: Due to continuous improvement and development, the design and specification change without notice. 

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