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Deep Hole Pull Boring Machine TLS2210A/TLS2220B

Short Description:

The machine is a specially used for boring long and thin pipes. It adopts the processing mode of workpiece rotation (passing through the spindle hole of headstock) and cutting tool bar is fixed and only for feed motion. When boring, the cutting fluid is supplied by the oil pressure head, and the cutting chips are discharged forward. The cutting tool feed adopts AC servo drive system to realize stepless speed regulation. Headstock adopts multi-stage gear speed change, with a wide speed range. Mechanical locking device is used for clamping of the oil pressure head and workpiece.

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Function Description

According to the processing requirement, the machine can also adopt the mod of the workpiece is fixed, the cutting tool rotates and feeds, and the cutting coolant enters the cutting area through the oil pressure head to cool and lubricate the cutting area and take away the metal chips.

Machining accuracy: When pull boring: hole diameter accuracy is IT8-10. Surface roughness (related to cutting tools): Ra3.2.

Machining efficiency of machine TLS2220B: Spindle speed: determined according to the cutting tool structure and workpiece material, generally is 50-500r / min.

Feed speed: determined according to the processing conditions, generally is 40-200mm / min.
The maximum machining allowance during boring: it is determined according to the cutting tool structure, material and workpiece conditions, which is generally is not greater than 14mm (diameter).

Oil pressure head is driven by servo motor and can realize self-locking. When the oil pressure head is close to the end face of the pipe, the jacking force is adjustable, and the maximum jacking force protection is provided to avoid damaging the rack. The oil pressure head can realize fast and slow movement. The oil pressure head is equipped with a control panel on which the fast and slow control button, and the tightening and loosening button of workpiece support are also on it.
The appearance of the oil pressure head is shown in the following photo:

Steady rests of workpiece1
Deep Hole Pull Boring Machine 5

Steady rests of workpiece: Workpiece clamping is realized by hydraulic system. The steady rest can be manually moved and their position can be adjusted according to the length of the workpiece, and the hand wheel is located on the side of the bed body. Carriage has locking mechanism.

Deep Hole Pull Boring Machine 3
Deep Hole Pull Boring Machine 2
Deep Hole Pull Boring Machine 6

Technical parameter

  TLS2210A TLS2220B

Working capacity

Range of boring Dia. Φ40-Φ100mm Φ40-Φ200mm
Max. pull boring depth 1-12m 1-12m
Max. clamped Dia. of workpiece Φ127mm Φ250mm


Center height from spindle center to bed 250mm 450mm
Spindle bore Dia. Φ130mm Φ100mm
Range of spindle speed 40-670rpm, 12 kinds 80-500rpm, 4 gears, stepless between gears


Feed speed range 5-200mm/min 5-500mm/min, stepless
Rapid travel speed of carriage 2m/min 4m/min


Main motor power of headstock 15KW 30KW, frequency converting motor
Feed motor power 4.5KW, A.C. servo motor 4.5KW, A.C. servo motor
Motor power of cooling pump 5.5KW 7.5KWx3 (one is spare)


Bed width 500mm 600mm
Rated pressure of cooling system 0.36MPa 0.36MPa
Flow of cooling system 300L/min 200,400L/min

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